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What is the Goal of a Business Website?

The goal of a business website is to generate value for your business. It doesn't matter how great it looks, how much money you've already spent on it, or how much time you've spent getting it to work. If a business website doesn't drive you business, it's an art project, not a business website.

How Do I Measure Website Value?

Major brands typically measure website value using 3 different metrics. Different types of businesses typically have different criteria for each of these metrics.

  • Leads
    How many visits does your website get? Are they new visitors or repeat visitors? Are these visitors organic (i.e. Google searches) or referral traffic? What is the referral source for these visitors? What geographic area are they from? Are these visitors in your target market?
  • Conversion
    How long do leads spend on the site? What pages do they click on? How many people end up making a purchase/scheduling an appointment/calling you?
  • Return on Investment
    How much money and time did you spend getting website customers? How much did you earn from these customers? How much do you expect to earn from these customers in the future? Are these customers a future source of additional income from referrals? What is your website ROI?

What Does Kaidoora Offer?

- After Kaidoora launches a website, we automatically track these metrics, analyze the resulting data, and use it to further optimize the website, thus generating more income and leads for our clients.
- Kaidoora separates content from layout, enabling businesses to update their website, mobile app, social media, and referral partner sites simultaneously without having to worry about the underlying technological infrastructure.
- Kaidoora integrates with trusted partners behind the scenes so our clients can take advantage of new technologies and integrations. For example, any business can add online ordering to their Kaidoora website in minutes whilst taking advantage of bulk rate credit card processing discounts.
- Kaidoora offers legal and technical compliance for certain business types, such as PCI compliance for merchants and bar-compliance for lawyers. (FINRA and HIPAA compliance are planned.)

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