How Does Kaidoora's Ongoing Support Work?


Busy business owners sometimes think that once a website is set up, they’re done. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous. Outdated websites with incorrect information look unprofessional, can lead to lost business, and may put you in legal trouble if you fail to properly secure customer data or fulfill compliance requirements.

At Kaidoora, we believe that businesses deserve ongoing support and service improvements when they invest in a website.

Here’s are some examples of how we support businesses when they need to make changes to their website:

Routine Changes

Some website changes are relatively simple and routine. What are your holiday hours? What events will you be attending? What new products and specials are you offering?

Kaidoora takes care of routine website change automatically. Simply email us or use our content management system and we’ll make sure the changes show up quickly. However, what’s unique about Kaidoora is the additional ability to send this information automatically through whichever channel your customers prefer--because Kaidoora sites know what type of information you’re updating, we can update the same information on social media, mobile apps, third-party referral sites, email newsletters, and more.

Browser and Device Changes

New browsers and devices come out all the time. Apple iPhones and iPads use Safari; the Amazon Kindle uses Silk; Microsoft is releasing a new browser called Edge with Windows 10.

Kaidoora automatically updates your website when these changes happen, to ensure that your website looks and work properly no matter what devices or browsers come out. Our websites are mobile-friendly, scaling to fit the screen of phones, tablets, and computers, and we continually update them to make sure your business is presented consistently and effectively no matter what device or browser your customers use.

Business Process Changes

As your business grows and changes, you may need to make changes to more effectively manage your business. Perhaps you’re a growing restaurant that’s now ready to add online ordering or reservations to your website. Perhaps you’ve added a new partner to your law firm and you need to update your screening process for leads. Or perhaps you’re running a new advertising campaign and want to track its effectiveness.

Many of Kaidoora’s advanced features (e.g. online ordering, lead screening, advertising tracking) can be enabled or disabled at the click of a button. We encourage businesses to let us know about changes in their business situation, so we can help integrate their website into their daily business operations. For example, one of our restaurant clients recently hired on more full-time staff and asked us for the ability to send online orders directly to their kitchen, and we were able to fully set them up in 10 minutes with no additional staff training necessary.

Security and Compliance

Businesses that aim to sell online or that fall into certain categories (e.g. lawyers, healthcare, and financial professionals) can often have additional compliance requirements related to their website.

Kaidoora offers and continually updates websites to make sure they follow best practices in security, and that they remain in compliance with legal or industry regulations. We offer full PCI compliance for businesses that intend to sell online, as well as bar-compliance for lawyers. (Please get in touch regarding HIPAA and FINRA compliance.)

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