How Does Kaidoora Help Me Get Repeat Business?

August 27, 2015 - WRITTEN BY GEORGE WANG

In our previous post on Websites 101, we discussed how to measure whether your website is actually generating you business. But how exactly does that work?

Below are three of the techniques that we use to help business owners get repeat business. How many of these techniques does your business use?

1. Keep Customers Informed About Holiday Hours, Events, Deals, and Specials

Great products and great service give customers a reason to come back, but they still need a reason to come back now (instead of sometime in the future). By keeping customers informed about routine business updates such as holiday hours, events, deals, and special items, we help businesses remind their customers why they should come back sooner rather than later.

Example: At Seafood Restaurant, the Special of the Day is one the most popular items on the menu. Previously, this could only be advertised to patrons already in the restaurant, but now, because of the ease of website updates, these restaurants now post (or have us post) this information on their website daily. Seafood Restaurant experienced a 17% decrease in time between visits.

2. Reminders Customers About Appointments and Reservations

For many businesses, customers who are late to or who miss appointments and reservations can come at a significant cost. Our technology helps businesses automatically remind customers at the appropriate times to minimize the likelihood of this happening.

Example: On behalf of Acupuncture Clinic, we remind customers about appointments and reservations well before they are scheduled to visit, so that the owner can re-schedule with other customers if necessary. A few hours before the customer is due to arrive, we also send them a final reminder email with directions and information about parking, to maximize the likelihood that they'll arrive on time. Late and missed appointments at Acupuncture Clinic dropped by 42%.

3. Follow Up with Customers to Ask for Referrals and Testimonials

Simply following up with a customer can often lead to constructive feedback, positive reviews and testimonials, and additional referrals. Kaidoora automates these follow-up communications to try and get customers to spread the word about your business.

Example: After service calls, we automatically used information from the online service request form to send a follow-up email on behalf of Appliance Repair Shop, simply asking the customer how their repaired appliance was functioning. If the customer replied that everything was well, we'd ask them to write an online review or a referral; if the customer was unsatisfied, we would put them in touch with the service technicians for a return visit. Reported customer satisfaction improved by 35% and new leads increased by 8%.

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