Don't Be An April Fool: Use Website Analytics To Grow Your Business


One of the primary benefits Kaidoora provides our clients is that we use website analytics to help businesses increase their sales, lead generation, and marketing effectiveness. But what does that mean? And how does it work?

What is Web Analytics?

Put simply, it's the measurement, collection, reporting, and analysis of website data, such as how many people visit your site, how they get there, what they do, and how much time they spend on any given page before moving on.

Google Analytics provides a free suite of tools for examining your site's performance, including this information, which you can view for a single date or over a range of dates. As we make changes to the website in conjunction with a regular business's marketing operations, we automatically monitor how these numbers trend over time, typically at the week-to-week or month-to-month level and making recommendations to the business to help them improve the effectiveness of their efforts.

How Can This Help My Business?

Below are 3 of the many examples of what website data can be used for:

Using Historic Sales Data to Encourage Repeat Customers

One of our clients had collected a large mailing list over the course of their 15 years in business, and they would send out regular newsletters to everyone on the list. Based on an analysis of online ordering data, we were able to identify a subset of their customers in the past year that ordered once and didn't come back. We helped our client connect their historic sales data with the data from their mailing list, which enabled them to send targeted promotions to a specific group of people. Repeat business increased 16% amongst the targeted group, and the size of the average sale increased by 18%.

Improving the Effectiveness of Promotions

One of our clients wanted to advertise on Yelp, so we helped them set up a special page with a promotion for a free 3-day trial, and monitored the number of visitors to (and sign-ups from) that page. Based on our analysis of the traffic to that specific page, the client understood that their target market's response to the promotion was lower than expected, so we recommended some changes to the wording of the ad itself and increasing the trial to a free 5-day trial. The client followed our recommendations, and increased the number of sign-ups by 112%.

Making Referral Partners More Effective

One of our clients gets their business solely from referrals, so we helped them set up special pages for each of their referral partners. Instead of a one-size-fits-all referral program, our client changed their reward system for their referral partners to reflect the quality and quantity of the referred clients, which increased the number of qualified leads by 7% and the size of the average closing sale by 72%.

How Does Kaidoora Use Web Analytics?

Website analytics provides a wealth of information about your business, if you know how to make use of it. Kaidoora's websites are specifically designed to track, measure, and optimize these metrics to help achieve tangible business results.

Kaidoora's goal is to help you build your business without having to worry about your website, and we automatically analyze visitor and web page analytics for you as part of all our service packages, in addition to a variety of other benefits. We also provide you with access to the raw data–so you have the option to see and utilize the same data we do, or leave it to us and focus on optimizing the other areas of your business.

Want suggestions for how to use data to grow your business? Send us an email at and we'll give you a free review of your existing website.

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