A Brief Introduction to Landing Pages


What is a Landing Page?

Your home page might be beautiful, but do you always want customers to visit there? If your goal is to get potential customers to perform one specific action, such as signing up for your newsletter or purchase a specific product or service, you may want to consider setting up one or more special pages dedicated solely to that task--a landing page.

Consider the following two pages: which is more effective at getting you to sign up for an email newsletter?

Why Are Landing Pages Important For A Business?

Landing pages can have many uses; here are two simple cases that we use here at Kaidoora.

  • Tracking Ad Effectiveness
    One of our personal trainer clients wanted to know how effective her ad campaign on Yelp was. We helped her set up a special landing page so she could see exactly how many visitors came from the Yelp ad and what cities they came from. By looking at this data and adjusting her ad settings accordingly, she increased the number of successful signups by 41%.

  • Product and Price Testing
    One of our salon clients moved to a new location and wanted to offer potential new clients a discount on their first visit. We helped her set up 3 different versions of the promotion (15% off, 20% off, and 30% off) that she advertized via Facebook ads. During the campaign, the data showed that there was no significant difference in how many people booked her services, so we updated all 3 pages to be 15% off and used the resulting savings to extend her successful ad campaign by an additional week.

What Does Kaidoora Offer?

There are many third-party landing page services, but they can be expensive and often come with little or no guidance about how to effectively use them for your business . We encourage our clients to let us know about ad campaigns and marketing that they do, so that we can seamlessly integrate our website services and landing pages to help them maximize their marketing effectiveness.

Want suggestions for how to use landing pages to grow your business? Send us an email at george@kaidoora.com and we'll give you a free review of your existing website.

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