Are You Losing Sales From A Bad Website Contact Form?

November 7, 2016 - WRITTEN BY GEORGE WANG

Why Contact Forms Are Important

According to studies conducted by the Harvard Business Review, businesses who respond within a day are more than 60x as likely to qualify a lead as those who respond afterwards. In other words, in the world of contact forms, the early responder gets the lead.

An Anonymized Example

But bad contact forms can have a drastic negative impact on your business and can directly lead to lost sales. Here's an anonymized example of an exchange one of our clients had with their customers prior to working with us:

Customer (via website): "We'd like to book your service for an event in 2 weeks. Can you please provide us with a quote for 300 people?"
Business: [No Response]
Customer (via website): "I sent you a message through your contact form earlier in the week. Would you please respond? Thanks."
Business: [No Response]
Customer (over telephone): "I sent you a message through your website but you never responded. I need a quote urgently."
Business: "What website messages?"

The Cause of the Problem

In this particular case, the business was not receiving emails because their spam filter was overly aggressive in blocking message from the website. Although they were able to close the sale in this case, many businesses are not so lucky.

Problems with email delivery can also happen if you receive too many messages in a short period of time, your email inbox is full, or many other reasons. But all customers see is a business that's slow and unresponsive to their needs.

Re-thinking the Contact Form

In talking with clients about this problem, we realized that most website contact form systems share this problem. There is usually no way to track whether an email was received or not. And if a problem occurs, there's often no way to recover the original message in a timely manner.

To address this problem, Kaidoora has completely re-designed how we handle our contact form system.

Transit Monitoring

Most website contact form systems can monitor whether or not an email was correctly sent, but Kaidoora monitors emails during the transit process as well.

If we cannot confirm that the message was successfully received by the recipient email server (e.g. if your inbox is full), we will automatically re-send the email over the course of the next 72 hours or until receipt is confirmed.

Automatic Message Logging and Archiving

Kaidoora automatically logs and saves submission attempts through our website contact form system. Not only does this provide businesses with a quick way to recover any lost messages, it allows Kaidoora to monitor and continually improve the design of the contact form to make it more user-friendly.


Many businesses spend a lot of time, energy, and money designing and building the perfect website. But paying attention to the website contact form can be equally important.

"Little" things like a bad website contact form can have a significant impact on your business.

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