September 1, 2016 - WRITTEN BY GEORGE WANG

Your website is a business tool, and like any tool it’s important to make sure it’s performing to its full potential.  What that means for your specific business depends on your goals for your website.  Do you want to build your email list?  Gain subscribers?  Convince visitors to buy your product?  Using a Call to Action on your website will help you get it done.


Your home page might be beautiful, but do you always want customers to visit there? If your goal is to get potential customers to perform one specific action, such as signing up for your newsletter or purchase a specific product or service, you may want to consider setting up one or more special pages dedicated solely to that task--a landing page.

September 16, 2015 - WRITTEN BY GEORGE WANG

The number one reason customers visit a restaurant website is to look at the menu, and they're increasingly doing so on phones and tablets. Make sure your menu is formatted properly for mobile devices by avoiding having only PDF menus (which are slow to load and requires a separate program to open) or flash menus (which cannot be loaded by newer devices). Kaidoora generally provides customers with web-friendly menus (for website viewing) with a link to a downloadable PDF menu (for printing).

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