Website and Mobile Apps

Designed for Business

Ever leave a website because you couldn’t read it on your phone? Ever abandon an order because the shopping cart forces you to register? Kaidoora websites are specifically designed to avoid pitfalls like these and convert your visitors into new business.

Built Beautifully for Any Device

Does your website update when new browsers and devices come out? Kaidoora websites automatically update to work on all major devices and browsers, so your visitors get a consistent experience no matter what device or browser they visit with.

Smart Web Hosting Included

We don’t want to bore you with details about load-balancing or virtual instances. The bottom line is that Kaidoora uses web hosting that keeps your website up when customers come knocking.

Instant Website Updates

Showcase daily specials and deals with ease with Kaidoora’s instant content management system. Changes are instant and show up across the website and mobile apps; there is no need to wait weeks for an overworked web designer to update pricing, availability, or descriptions.

Automatic Infrastructure Upgrades

Technology constantly changes and your website will too. Kaidoora continually improves the infrastructure behind your site to improve speed, design, performance, and compatibility.

Mobile Apps

Are your customers asking for a mobile app? Kaidoora automatically builds native Android and iPhone apps to make it easy for your customers to call your business, get directions, securely place orders, and more.


Instant Online Ordering

Receive online orders in your physical store via email, fax, tablet, and/or phone reminder. Fully set up in just 10 minutes. No programming necessary.

Customizable Order Settings

Minimum order amounts? Variable pricing? Special lead times for large orders? No problem! Choose how and when you accept orders--which you can change anytime.

No Commission on Sales

Stop paying up to 20% commission on sales through your own website. With Kaidoora, you pay only the credit card processing fee.

Automatic Customer Notification

Automatically notify customers when their order is placed, fulfilled, and delivered. Use our management console to refund, cancel, or adjust the costs for orders.

Instant Product Updates

Want to promote a daily deal? Is an item temporarily out of stock? Adjust item pricing, descriptions, or availability once on the management console and watch it instantly update everywhere you sell online.

Marketing and SEO

Search Engine Friendly

Kaidoora automatically submits your website to search engines like Google and Bing, and automatically manages relevant store or product information displayed there. Important metadata like store GPS coordinates or physical address are automatically added to your website to ensure that customers near you can find you--online and offline.


Do you know who your customers are? Kaidoora automatically analyzes website visitors and spending patterns to improve customer retention, provide feedback about your business, and increase store loyalty.

One-Click Marketing

Need flyers, business cards, or professional photography or videography? Kaidoora works with partners to provide you with discount rates so you can stretch each and every marketing dollar.

Expand Your Digital Network

Publish content and promotions directly to referral and advertising partners, such as local newspapers, school donation programs, corporate discount programs, Facebook, and Twitter. We also work with partners like your local Chamber of Commerce to increase your marketing clout at no additional cost.