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    Kaidoora is a hassle-free website management service that helps busy business owners accelerate business growth.

Businesses that rely on Kaidoora:

Hassle-Free Everything

Too busy to manage your website? Kaidoora handles all the technical details so you can focus on running your business.

Hassle-Free Services
Design Blueprint

Design, Build, and Hosting

We can upgrade an existing website to be mobile-friendly or build a new one that aligns with your actual business objectives.

Unlimited, No-Hassle Updates

Unlimited, No-Hassle Updates

Simply email or text us any changes and we'll take care of it. Routine changes are typically made within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Ongoing Technical Support

Ongoing Technical Support

Kaidoora constantly updates your website to make sure it continues to look and work properly everywhere you have customers.

Technology That Grows With Your Business

Looking to grow your business? Adding additional features to your existing website is as easy as flipping a switch.

Technology that Grow With Your Business
E-Commerce, Online Ordering

Instant Revenue Generation

Add online ordering or gift cards without disrupting how your business already operates.

Customer Relationship Connections

Customer Relationship Management

Simplify scheduling or reservation management with automatic notifications, reminders, and follow-up.

Social Media: Twitter and Facebook

Social Media and Reviews

Efficiently manage your online reputation with tools for social media and testimonial management.

Data-Driven Design for Accelerated Growth

Kaidoora continually monitors and improves your website to help you achieve tangible, measurable business results.

Responsive Design Based on Data
Design Templates That Interchange

Evolving Website Design

Kaidoora continually improves the website to make it faster, more user-friendly, and more engaging to users.

Marketing Flow Chart

Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

Kaidoora analyzes referral sources and visitor activity and makes recommendations to help you more effectively market to prospective customers.

Analytics Graph

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Kaidoora monitors and improves your website ranking across multiple search terms so you can see which keywords are driving you actual business results.

Grow Your Customer Base

Kaidoora analyzes business data to provide you with insights so you can more effectively sell, market, and engage with your customers.

Food Truck Customers
Data Chart

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Identify where your customers most profitably engage with your brand and use this data to get the best return on your marketing budget.

Rewards For Customers

Personalize Customer Experiences

Send targeted news, rewards, and offers to drive sales and thank your most loyal customers.

Analytics Chart Increasing Sales

Analytics Dashboard

View and analyze product and store performance in real-time to help inform product offerings and other business decisions.