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per location per month

For businesses new to websites and online marketing.

Starter Package includes:

Website Design and Creation

Domain Name Registration/Transfer

Smart Web Hosting

Phone and Tablet-Friendly Design

Continuous Search Engine Optimization

Visitor and Web Page Analytics

Free Email and Phone Support

And More...


per location per month

For savvy businesses looking to increase sales and engage with customers online.

Business Package includes:

Everything in Starter

Android and iPhone Mobile Apps

Website and Mobile App Ordering

Real-time Order Management Console

Automatic Credit Card Processing

Automatic PCI Compliance

And More...


per location per month

For larger chains and franchises looking to analyze customer behavior and optimize offerings.

Franchise Package includes:

Everything in Growth

Seasonal Pricing

Customer Analytics and Tracking

Operational and Marketing Reports

Management Console Customization

And More...

No Sign Up Fees, No Cancellation Fees, No Commission on Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaidoora?

"Kai" in Chinese means open, and our goal is to help you open your doors for business online.

Kaidoora specializes in simplifying technology so that any small business can set up websites and online ordering quickly and easily. We actively manage and improve the technology that powers your business so you can focus on growing it.

Where will my customers be able to order from?

Our goal is to allow your customers to order from anywhere you have a presence--online or offline. For now, this means your website, your Android and iPhone mobile apps, affiliates and referral partner apps (e.g. charity referrals or school donation programs), and anywhere on social media you can post an image or link (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

How will I manage my offerings across all these locations?

Kaidoora has created a management system to help you manage your offerings, even across multiple locations. Change product pricing, descriptions, or availibility, or create a daily deal and watch it update instantly across the entire web.

Will my website app have feature X?

Our list of website and mobile app features is being updated rapidly. If we don’t have a feature you’d like to add, just ask and we’ll work with you to build it.

I have additional questions. How do I get in touch?

Please use the contact form on our contact page.